Hello everyone,
In this post I will answer frequently asked questions. This post will be updated as there will be new one appearing.

What is ranDungeon?
Randungeon is independent video game which is focused on slaying monsters in randomly generated environments. Game focuses also on leveling up character, and colleting better gear as the player progressess further.

Is it free?
Yes, as for now it’s completely free. It’s currently pre-alpha version though and has many bugs and unfinished/unpolished content. You can download and play the current version under “links” section which you can find in upper right corner of the website.

When can I expect full release?
The date is unknown. I am planning to step up to beta soon though.

What platforms will it be compatible with?
Currently game is built for windows, but I’m planning to release it on android in google play initially for free around It’s beta stage.

Are you planning to improve graphics?
Yes I do plan to improve resolution to either 16x16px or 32x32px.

Are you planning on adding any music?
Yes. It will be created on the chiptune synthesizer. More details available here:

Can I help you with project?
Yes. You can contact me via facebook, or e-mail. Any help will be appreciated.

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