The website wasn’t updated lately as I have few other things going on but there is few news coming.

I will try to summarise them here, but you will be able to read more details on the dedicated posts soon.

As some of you may have noticed, an android version has appeared for download. It’s basically the same version as the pc, but with touch controls. More about android version will be written on separate post, along with its flaws and to-dos.

There is one very important thing to implement left – occlusion culling. This mechanism should be provided by the engine by default, but somehow it’s not and I need to implement it manually which may not be as easy as it seems I’m afraid.. if I succeed though, the game performance will rocket up.

I will be also changing some of the elements such as particles to flat 2d sprites.

Sadly, if performance on older phones will demand it I will be forced to delete some of the visual effects, but I will try to just lower or optimise them somehow else.

There is a problem with dynamic walls generation. Sometimes after destroying a wall, the new one does not appear. Honestly, I have no clue what causes the problem but after occlusion culling and fixing some bugs for android client I will investigate it as it’s quite important part of the gameplay.

There will be more news coming soon.

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