Many people asked me what is this game about, so here I come to explain.
ranDungeon is a roguelike game, where player basically slain monsters, gather items and gold, buy stuff, do activities and interact with npc’s and improve character statistics. Basically the game is typical rpg like where you “exp” on monsters, collect loot and add skills.

There is 4 main skills you can improve with either skillpoints which you receive upon leveling up, or by equipping better items. These stats are:
Strength – improves your damage.
Endurance – improves the amount of your hitpoints and mana points
Agility – improves movement speed, and attack speed\
Luck – improves critical strike chance

While first two are unlimited to enchance, the last two are limited to respectively 420 and 100. In future luck will influence more things.

You have several special skills which you can use during battle. Two active, where one of them is offensive and second one defensive. there is also passive regeneration skill.
The offensive active skill will make an attack in every direction. It’s good when you’re surrounded by enemies.
The defensive skill protects the character with its shield for a few seconds. During that time the characters hitpoints won’t go lower than half of their maximum amount.

Passive skill regenerates 5 hp/mp every 5 seconds.

There are still cooldowns to add, especially on the defensive skill.

The items you collect have randomly generated stats and textures. There is several types of items:
foods – regenerates your hp/mp
potions – regenerates your hp/mp
equipment – you can wear it to improve your stats
bombs – you can plant them and go boooooom 😀

There is 2 types of locations:
a safetown, where you can’t be defeated and where you can interact with various npcs
a dungeon where you must fight monsters and find the exit. Exit might lead deeper into dungeon, or to the town.

The monsters in dungeons are getting stronger every time you enter new dungeon! This might lead to a situation where monsters would be too strong for you to defeat, as they level up every new dungeon.

Basically this is ranDungeon in a nutshell, of course there is much more things to do, and there’s many things I plan to add, but for this we need patience, and time.

There will be more news coming soon

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